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Moving schools :)

Today I have sadly moved my schools from Pearl Academy to this new school called BSAK or British School Al Khubairat . I saw the school and it looked amazing and tomorrow which is the 31st of August . At first I was really sad of moving schools but now I’m kind of excited but of course I’ll miss my old school and old friends so after a while of thinking I started thinking of the positives and i said   to my self think of the positives so I did I thought that if i go to a new school I will make more friends an plus I can still see them . So i really hope you enjoy reading this post BYE!

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What i did in my summer holiday :D

Hi guys it’s Aisha and I am sorry I didn’t post any thing in a while I was busy any today I  am going to tell you what i did during the summer. So what I did in the summer was of corse go see my friend and do the cookie challenge and the my dad ordered me this emoji pillow that is so cool and the emoji is that one with the sun glasses and the third thing i did was go  shopping because who doesn’t go shopping in the summer so thats what i did during the summer .   please comment what did you do in you summer break bye!!!! :)